Misconceptions about house fires can be very dangerous – they can lead to further life threatening scenarios. To ensure your utmost safety in the event of a fire, here are six of the most common house fire myths that we have extinguished for you:

Myth #1: In a fire, flames pose the greatest danger

Although flames cause severe damage to a property, smoke poses the greatest danger of all. Being enveloped by thick smoke can cause suffocation, comas and death; since it is comprised of lethal substances like carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other combustion products.

Myth #2: The smell of smoke can immediately warn you that there is a fire

This warning is not enough, as most house fires occur during the night and people are hardly ever awoken by smoke. Setting up efficient fire alarm systems can immediately warn you and others that there is a fire.

Myth #3: You have a few minutes to escape from a house fire

Flames spread quickly – in 30 seconds or less, a small fire can gather momentum and turn into a raging inferno. So in the event of fire, get out as quickly as possible!

Myth #4: Smoke alarms are sufficient to protect your home against fire

Smoke alarms are not enough to safeguard against fire; fire extinguishers or fire suppressions systems are important, since they can save you from impending worst-case scenarios and give you sufficient time to evacuate the building.

Myth #5: Modern houses are less prone to fire compared with older ones

Believe it or not, contemporary homes are more susceptible to fire; as older homes were mostly built with engineered lumber.

Myth #6: Water can extinguish all kinds of fire

Yes, water can put out fire – but there are certain instances where it further aggravates the flames –worsening the situation. Educate yourself on the different classes of fire and familiarise yourself with which fire extinguisher is best to use for each one.

Never use water on fires caused by flammable liquids, electrical fires and combustible metals!


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