Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lighting is needed in the event of normal lighting supply failure or in the event of a fire to show escape routes lighting the way up including if necessary Panic Bars and Pads from buildings by use of both exit signs and luminaires on the route acting as beacons to a place of safety. Also to be able to see and operate Fire Safety Equipment as needed for example Manual Call Points, Fire Indication Equipment and Extinguishers. There is also now an inclusion to highlight for example High Risk Areas and First Aid Posts to permit operations concerned with safety measures.

Minimum Emergency Lighting levels have been increased to aid the means of escape to be safe and effectively used so activities, in particular work in hazardous workplaces can be safely terminated and emergency actions can be effectively carried out at appropriate locations in the workplace

Fire Services Central will advise service and install a wide range of solutions including:

  • Self-Contained Emergency Inverters
  • LED Emergency Light Source (Exit Boxes, Twinspots and Bulkheads)
  • Batteries • Low Voltage
  • Remote Enclosure Systems
  • Exit Signs • Decorative/Weatherproof solutions
  • LED Exit Signs


  • Site survey to identify risk points
  • Initial design of your fire alarm or emergency lighting system
  • Supply and installation of high performance equipment
  • Commissioning of equipment and systems
  • Testing and routine maintenance of equipment and systems


The Regulatory Reform Order puts the responsibility of fire safety with the Directors of businesses and building operators, to ensure that adequate testing is carried out and test records maintained.

Guidelines of the appropriate tests are provided in British and European Standards BS5266 and EN 50172 and it is a requirement that all emergency lighting systems are serviced by a competent person a minimum of 2 visits per year unless your risk assessment states otherwise which is some cases such as schools or care homes this can be 4 times per annum.

Fire services central have the experience and know how to perform functional and duration tests of the emergency lighting luminaries, and provide clear and concise documentation for your records.

  • Working with businesses we have provided a complete fire alarm design, installation and maintenance service for many years. This includes the maintenance of any existing fire alarm system and monitoring of your fire alarm system once installed.
  • If you would like a free survey and quotation or to simply discuss the installation or replacement of a fire alarm system, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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