Fire Alarms Bristol

Located in the South West of England, Bristol is one of the most accessible cities in the UK. With efficient links by road or rail, it also enjoys great air connections to London and other major cities.

Dubbed as the UK’s most liveable city, Bristol has an estimated population of 442,500 as of 2015. Home to many historical sites, such as the Lord Mayor’s Chapel and Bristol Cathedral, modern day Bristol also offers a variety of attractions such as hotels, bars and entertainment events – In order to protect lives and property, it is essential for home and business owners to install fire alarm systems.

Early fire detection can minimise fire damage, while allowing ample time for people to evacuate the area.

Under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, fire alarms on business premises should be regularly serviced. Fire Services Central Ltd has a qualified team of fire alarm engineers. We install fire alarm systems in Bristol and across the UK to ensure that systems are designed, commissioned and maintained to the relevant British Standards.

Our various solutions cater to different business requirements:

Addressable Fire Alarm System Installation

The addressable fire alarm system can give you a clear and precise location of each field device, with its text message LED display and easy to use keyboards.  The panels can be networked around large industrial sites, reinforcing efficient fire management.

Conventional Fire Alarm System Installation

Perfect for small shops and offices and medium sized buildings, conventional fire alarm systems involve the installation of detectors in certain zones; when a detector is activated, the control panel will indicate which zone has been triggered, notifying you or the Fire Brigade of the affected area.

Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring

We can connect your fire alarm system to our Alarm Receiving Centre to ensure that the Fire Brigade or a 3rd party is always contacted; this is beneficial in case a fire breaks out after working hours, as it will prevent the otherwise catastrophic effects that would devastate the building should it be empty or in a state of confusion.

National Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing

We can also provide national fire alarm maintenance and servicing solutions to ensure your fire alarm system remains fully effective throughout the year.

For more information about our fire alarm services, contact our Fire Alarm System Installation and Maintenance team today on 0121 525 1976 or email

From the records that the Department for Communities and Local Government gathered from Fire and Rescue Services across Great Britain, the authorities attended 212,500 fires between 2013 and 2014 alone. 38% of deaths were attributed to dwellings with no smoke alarms and nearly one fifth of deaths occurred in areas where the smoke alarm system was faulty.