Fire Risk Assessment Northampton

Northampton is reported to be the fastest growing area in the country, with a population increase of 11.3% between the 2004 and 2013.

Renowned for its footwear and leather manufacturing industries, the City continues to enjoy a steady economic growth.

In 1675, a great fire devastated Northampton, destroying 700 out of 850 buildings in just six hours; preventive safety measures should be practiced in every commercial establishment, as well as on residential premises.


Fire Safety in Non-Domestic Premises

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that if you own or manage a business, you are legally required to carry out a fire risk assessment to identify possible fire-related dangers and potential risks within the premises; this covers England and Wales and is applicable to companies that employ more than 5 people.

The “Responsible Person” will be responsible for making sure that everyone on the premises is safely evacuated from the building in case of fire.

A fire risk assessment must be conducted and reviewed every year by a competent Fire Risk Assessor.

Fire Services Central Ltd: Your Fire Risk Assessor

Fire Services Central Ltd offers a full and in-depth fire assessment service that will be performed by one of our experienced fire risk assessors – IFE accredited and with over 50’ of experience in the fire industry. Furthermore, all our assessments are carried out in accordance with PAS 79.

Fire Risk Assessment Process

Our assessment involves a thorough inspection of your premises to determine possible fire hazards and risks. You will then receive a record of the findings and a recommended fire action plan. One of our sales team will contact you with a full quotation for any remedial work.

Fire Services Central Ltd guarantees complete and informative property assessments.

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