It goes without saying, prevention is better than cure – this will always be the case. You should never compromise the safety of your family.

Fire-Related Fatalities by the Numbers

An alarming majority of fires and other fire-related fatalities in the UK are domestic. According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, in 2015 80% of all fire-related fatalities occurred in homes; out of 212,500 fire incidents between April 2013 and March 2014, 39,600 were in dwellings. These accidents could have been avoided if the importance of fire alarm systems had been understood.

Fire Alarm System Instalment

According to these statistics, 31% of the homes involved in domestic fire incidents did not have a fire alarm system installed. Fire alarm systems are vital, providing your family with the protection they deserve – specifically designed to alert all occupants of an impending hazard, fire alarms allow them to evacuate the premises safely. When installed correctly by the right people, these systems can prove to be lifesaving.

Compared with commercial use fire alarm systems, residential fire alarm are much smaller and simpler, often only consisting of one or two smoke or heat detectors. These devices are placed in central locations or in areas that are more prone to fires such as kitchens.

There is no legal requirement for these systems to be installed in a residential property. However, it is strongly advised, as fire alarm systems could prevent fires from spreading, further limiting the damage to your property. Most importantly, these systems could save lives.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

In relation to the data given by the Department for Communities and Local Government, 19% of the houses involved in domestic fires had defective fire alarms. Failure to monitor and maintain your alarm systems may pose many serious risks to everyone involved.

Fire alarm systems that are not properly installed, maintained and monitored could be the reason for unnecessary alarm activations. These false alarms could affect the residents’ reactions to genuine alarms in the future and as a result, this may severely reduce the system’s effectiveness.

Domestic fire alarms are relatively easy to monitor – it is preferable to test smoke alarms once a week. Most domestic smoke alarms have their own test buttons which you simply have to press to check if the alarm is working as it should.


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