Fire extinguishers commonly go unnoticed, yet they remain an incredibly important part of businesses and establishments across the globe. They can be seen in offices, storage spaces, staircases and corridors – the real proof that no matter how big or small your company may be fire extinguishers are an absolute must. What’s more, where there is no single law stating that a property owner must install fire extinguishers, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that anyone responsible for a property or a business with 5+ people must have a Fire Risk Assessment completed by a ‘suitably qualified’ person.

So, when should you recharge or replace your fire extinguishers?  Follow these simple guidelines:


Even if you have only used a tiny bit of your fire extinguisher, you should always recharge it immediately as a matter of course; the pressure that was formerly released can significantly reduce its efficiency.

You can also perform regular inspections like:

  • Checking the gauge – try to ascertain whether your fire extinguisher is full
  • Pay attention to its weight – if it feels lighter than usual, this is a good indication that it is not fully charged


A fire extinguisher is designed to last for up to 12 years. The following signs will indicate whether it’s time for replacement:

  • A cracked, clogged or ripped nozzle
  • Wobbly handle
  • Broken or missing pin on the handle
  • Impaired shell
  • Lost inspection tag


It is best practice to ensure that your fire extinguishers are properly maintained with the help of a professional fire protection company.  Fire Services Central Ltd. offers a comprehensive fire extinguisher service around Northampton. For more enquiries, email us at